Thursday, April 12, 2012

RMAN Validate Command

The RMAN VALIDATE and RESTORE VALIDATE commands should be part of ongoing testing of your recovery plan. VALIDATE causes RMAN to read specified backups on disk or tape and report whether they are intact and usable in a restore operation. RESTORE... VALIDATE causes RMAN to check whether the set of available backups is sufficient to restore the specified database objects. For example,RESTORE TABLESPACE TBS_1 VALIDATE selects backups sufficient to restore the named tablespace, just as RMAN does in a real restore operation, and reads the backups to ensure that they are present and not corrupted.  It does not, however, actually perform the restore.  This can be useful when you want to verify the validity of your RMAN backups without having any affect on the database itself. 

Some examples of the VALIDATE command

RMAN> restore database validate;
RMAN> restore controlfile validate;
RMAN> restore spfile validate;
RMAN> restore tablespace <tablespace name> validate;
RMAN> validate backupset <backupset #>;

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