My Services

I can provide monthly database support through an inexpensive maintenance contract or perform services at an hourly rate.  A client only needs to be able to provide secure internet access to the database(s) (typically via VPN).  Below is a list of monthly maintenance tasks and hourly work that I typically perform.  Monthly maintenance tasks can be performed for as little as $500 a month.

Monthly Maintenance Tasks
  • Perform an initial database health check, identifying any database vulnerabilities and deficiencies.
  • Configure, automate, and maintain a reliable database backup solution using Oracle’s RMAN backup utility
  • Setup monitoring services that alerts me (and others if necessary) when a database or server event has occurred that needs to be addressed
  • Perform routine, weekly database maintenance to ensure the health of the database.
  • Perform database recovery and emergency troubleshooting.
  • Diagnose and repair performance problems within the database.
  • Apply critical patch updates to the database each quarter
  • Perform minor version upgrades (ex: to 
  • Answer database related questions in support of developers and system administrators so they can better perform their jobs.

Additional Tasks (typically performed at an hourly rate)
  • Emergency troubleshooting
  • Emergency database restoration and recovery
  • Provide database design support
  • Installation and setup of a new Oracle database
  • Installation and setup of standby databases for disaster recovery
  • Major schema modifications to existing databases
  • Data migration between Oracle databases or from other commercial databases (SQL Serever, MS Access, MySQL, flat file, etc…) to Oracle
  • SQL Plus and PL/SQL Tuning
  • Perform major version upgrades (ex: 10g to 11g)